Wonderful app

Hello Andrei,
I wanted to reach out and compliment you for the wonderful job you have done with Slidetosubscribe.

It is elegant, well designed and quite simple to use. I find it very effective, and if it was not for the Aweber support which is not yet there, I would be already using it officially.

I love the subscribe page cleanliness and easy-of-editing.

The backed dashboard and features promise lots of useful interesting things.

I'd be happy to provide further feedback and help to improve your tool where needed.

I also look forward with your permission to write a short review and publish it on my site.

P.S.: I am a tech journalist who tests and reviews hundreds of digital tools for communication professionals since the early 2000's. You can find some of the tools I reviewed recently at tools.robingood.com.

Bravo Andrei!
You have a winner.

This is incredible and I'm so excited right now! ROBIN! I've been following you since my first year of high school, 13 years ago (I grew up in Italy). YOU are the reason why I created by first blog, made my first money on the internet and started my entrepreneurial journey. I used to read Masternewmedia daily and even recently I've been googling you, just to see how you're doing. You're my hero, man! You have been talking about content curation before anyone else even knew this would ever be a thing.

As for Slide to Subscribe, I will probably add Aweber in the next months (I would do it sooner, but it forces developers to use Oauth2, which I honestly don't like). But meanwhile, you can use it without any integration and just export your new subscribers once a week.

I would LOVE a review, I'll email you to discuss details.