Originating from Brooklyn, New York, P. C. Clotter was born to create literature, since his toddler days envisioning complex action sequences through spoon and fork in hand. 
Both writer and illustrator commonly known by college professors for challenging the "norm", P.C.'s style of narrative has been often referred as "dreamy" or "nightmarish", yet chemical and different. Heading torwards a direction of "escapism", while tackling the deeper anthologies of the individual, space and beyond. 
P.C. aims unafraid at the questionable; the risqué, as long as it produces a powerful and memorable story, that churns into a material itself can stand proud of.
Though, as an entire piece - Clotter's critical focus are narrative and character chemistry. For without these themes he finds it would, "tell similar to reading zig-zag carvings on a stone tablet."